About Alliance Climate Control

Our Story​

“It is one of life’s greatest joys to wake up in the morning, every morning, with a clear sense of purpose and why that day matters.”

This is the mind-set which we stand behind at Alliance Climate Control. Our Success is just the result of doing what we love – we do what we do because we are inspired and committed in setting a new standard of excellence across the entire industry.

At Alliance, everything that we do revolves around our culture of trust, accountability and passion for our work. We want our customers to do business with us because they believe in the standard that we believe in and won’t settle for anything less.

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Our Mission​

This greater sense of purpose which we all strongly believe in across our organisation has allowed us to contribute the best of who we are towards our trade. When we are at our best, doing the work that we love, the natural result is guaranteed satisfaction, not only to our customers but to our entire team as well.

Our mentality does not only bring real meaning and true value behind what we do but it also contributes to the vision and the long-term progress of our organisation. We want life-long customer relationships, not just transactional ones.

Our Vision​

Our staff are at the heart of our business and we pride ourselves on providing an environment that encourages growth, problem solving and creative thinking.

Our edge is our high level of enthusiasm, a passion for top performance and friendly, reliable service always.

Integrity + Trust​

We strive to deliver a WOW factor through our service, all whilst demonstrating the highest level of integrity. When we work with integrity, we can trust each other, and our customers can trust us. Its old fashioned now, but we do what we say we’re going to do, when we are going to do it and exactly how we said we will do it. Plain and simple. Whether its jobs ranging from electrical repairs, lighting installation, switchboard upgrade and more, our team will deliver nothing but the best!

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